A Conversation with my Grandmother

When I was talking with my grandmother about possible places to move, the following conversation occured:

Me: What do you think of La Candelaria?
Grandmother: They’ll shoot you as soon as you leave the house. Or at the very least, you’ll be mugged. At knife point.

Me: And the international center?
Grandmother: I wouldn’t be caught dead there. Too many muggings.

Me: How about Teusaquillo or La Soledad?
Grandmother: No way, that area has gone really down hill. There are a lot of muggings. And if you leave the house, the robbers will take all your belongings.

Me: What about Chapinero Alto?
Grandmother: No mijita, that’s too empty at night. There are a lot of muggings.
Me: But that’s a good area.
Grandmother: Only if you have a car. Otherwise you’ll be mugged every night.

Me: Ok, what about los Rosales (one of the most expensive, exclusive Bogota neighborhoods)
Grandmother: Absolutely not. There are tons of muggings there.
Me: But it’s a super rich area.
Grandmother: Exactly. And the robbers now that, so they mug people all the time.

So according to my grandmother, Unicentro is the only livable spot in Bogota.

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