Colombia. And Tango.

I love tango.

Yesterday night, in a place called La Esquina del Tango Colombia and I connected again. Sure, we connected under Argentine circumstances, but connected none the less. We’d grown somewhat distant, but I think things are good again. Or at least on the right path.

And yesterday, sitting at my cafe in the posh Rosales neighborhood, I spent the day researching and writing about Brazil, small town Montana, Delaware, Wisconsin and Mexican resorts. Sure, I spent one article’s worth of pay on pastries and drinks, but it was nice anyway. I spent an entire day researching and writing, the two things I enjoy most, and made more money than I made in a day in the U.S.

Then I picked up my grandmother because I invited her to a tango show for her birthday, and we listened to tangos until 2am in the morning. It was my grandmother, her cousin Olga, her friend Sylvia and me. There was a full backup band, three singers, two dancers and a half bottle of rum involved (which my grandmother and I drank together because apparently, most women over 65 besides my grandmother, think drinking is bad). The cost of our evening for four including cover, show and rum? $50. Pretty nice, I have to say.

Now I just need to volunteer somewhere. It’s good to do something nice for other people once in a while.

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