I Got Held-up.

As the title indicates, I got held-up today. I was making my way to the bus this morning when a woman came up to me and demanded I give her the COL$5,000 bill I was carrying in my hand. Taken aback my her boldness, I said no.

She then pulled out a piece of glass and told me to hand over the bill, or she’d cut my face. Those who know me well are aware that I am a extremely vain, so this made me rethink my refusal. I told the woman to please hold on a moment and pullled a COL$1,000 bill out of my pocket, but she wasn’t having any of that, so I had no choice but to hand over the COL$5,000 bill.

I was actually pretty lucky. I had my credit cards, laptop and $100 in cash on me. Luckily I carry my big bills close to my heart. And in the end, she only took the equivalent of US$2.50. But lesson learned: Don’t walk around with my laptop and don’t carry money in my hand.

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