Milo, Rice and a Can of beans.

The highlight of my pantry.

I’ve discovered that earning a Colombian salary while paying American bills requires a bit more budgeting and planning than previously anticipated. To prove this point, I will disclose the contents of my pantry: Half a can of Milo, half a bag of rice, a (full) can of Antioquian beans, one egg, three sticks of Colombian hot chocolate, a bottle of soy sauce, a bottle of hot sauce, a packet of cumin, three cloves of garlic and a salt shaker. (Thankfully, my mother left me a 250-tablet bottle of vitamins to get me through this period of inadequate nutrition). Now I will disclose the contents of my wallet: COL $1,700 (Approximately US $0.85). I feel more Colombian already.

So it seems I will have to take a temporarily sojourn from visiting cafes, buying obleas, taking taxis or doing anything else that requires capital. But I chose this life and other than my recently readjusted economic situation, I’m feeling very upbeat and positive about my new Colombian life. And I am thinner than I’ve been in a long time

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