NOT what every woman wants to hear


Apparently, this is what I look like to men.

Today I was walking around the city center when a homeless man started catcalling me saying “Que barbie botella tan linda.” For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, this means “What a pretty bottle barbie.” I don’t know what a bottle barbie is, but I was feeling pretty flattered; I thought maybe he was complimenting my hip/waist ratio. Anyway, he repeated his compliment several times (yelling louder and louder as I walked away), which allowed me — and the one million people around me — to figure out that he wasn’t saying barbie botella, but barbie Botero. As in Botero, the Colombian artist who only paints ridiculously fat people.

Dispite the insult, it’s nice to know that even Colombians in the worst economic conditions are in touch with modern art.

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  1. Ha – that’s pretty funny. I’m sure not true though! 🙂 I didn’t know Botero was Colombian.


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