Saving Dogs with Cataracts, One Article at a Time

I can tell you what to do about this problem.

Some of you out there may be wondering how an individual such as myself can afford the comfortable expatriate lifestyle, and the answer is work. Not traditional, 9-5 employment, but a mixture of freelance writing/editing and tutoring. I am currently writing articles for an online company on such fascinating topics as: “Early Symptoms of Lyme Disease in Pets,” “How to Stop Cataracts in Canines,” “How to Reverse Stroke Damage” and “How to Improve Cardiovascular Health.” As a child, when I imagined my glamorous writing career, pet and elderly healthcare wasn’t exactly what came to mind, but I have found that realistically, being a writer is more of a romantic notion than an actual career. I also get occasional proofreading/editing assignments from a most generous European benefactor on topics such as “Characteristics of Sexual Murderers” and “Degenerative Macular Disorder.”

In addition, I have started tutoring private English classes. At two hours long, I was nervous I wouldn’t know what to teach/talk about, but the two hours actually go by very quickly and I’ve found that I actually enjoy tutoring. Tutoring is not a particularly high-paying profession in Colombia, but it does pay the rent. I like to think of myself as a struggling writer (who has not written a novel of any sort) living the contemporary, romantic expatriate/writer life, having replaced early 20th century bohemian Paris with slightly disorganized, slightly third-world but fascinating Bogota.

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