In Preparation for Going Back Home

stretch band yoga work out por Matchstick Video.

This is how cute I'll look by the end of the month.

When I go back to the U.S. in late May, I have no doubt that I will gain at least 6 or 7 pounds in a three week period. While doing no exercise and eating whatever I want results in losing weight in Bogota, somehow, watching what I eat and riding my bike everyday results in inexplicable weight gain at home. I’m starting to believe it really is the hormones in the beef. Or maybe my body doesn’t do well at sea level. Or maybe when I describe this strange phenomenon I don’t mention the massive amounts popcorn and gas station convenience store junk food I consume in Virginia. So maybe not so inexplicable. Whatever the reason, I know I’m going to weigh more at the end of my trip than beginning. And because of this, I’ve decided to join a nearby gym for a month. I plan to exercise excessively and loose unhealthy amounts of weight so that by the time I leave the U.S. my net gain will have been zero. I can’t actually remember the last time I went to the gym and I can’t find my ipod charger so I’m not expecting this to be fun, but it has to be done.

I’m really excited about the next coulple of months. I will go on a 25-day whirlwind tour of Panama, followed by four days in Tampa and 19 days in Virginia. My U.S. list of things to do includes:

1.) Weekend roadtrip with plenty of gas station snack stops. Hopefully this will include camping in the mountains or at the beach and plenty of s’mores.

2.) Biking the Crescent Trail in Georgetown.

3.) Seeing Rasha’s new place and going out as much as possible.

4.) Cooking dinner while watching Samantha Brown, Anthony Bordaine and of course, Dr. Phil. This is usually the highlight of my day when I go back to visit because I don’t have a car so I’m usually confined to the house.

5.) Eating popcorn with artificial seasoning.

Hmm…three out of five of these include food. No wonder I gain weight when I go home.

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  1. I hope that I’m not supposed to support this excessive amount of eating that you are planing to have but ! I will surely enjoy your company very much,

  2. It just kind of happens when I stay at someone’s house. I think I’ve already lost weight since leaving Lala’s.

  3. If I had to pin the blame on hormones in the beef or gas station convenience store junk food, I would definitely go with the gas station junk “food.” Your body deserves more respect than that! C´mon now… Best of luck at the gym!! What time of day will you be going? Get lost in a really good book and the time will pass quickly. Plus, maybe you can meet people there. Finally, I don´t think “fat” should be an allowed tag, certainly not in your case.


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