More Like the Storm After the Calm

Things happen here that remind you why Colombia has a bad reputation. When you think things are under control and the violence has passed, it turns out a government worker gets assasinated in Antioquia and a car bomb kills six and injures 30 in Buenaventura. Both incidents, I’m guessing, are somehow related to the FARC or another armed group. It’s not particularly shocking news by Colombian standards, but I’m starting to think Colombia is kind of like Tilikum, that killer whale who killed its trainer despite years of good behavior. Unpredictable.

I wonder if anyone has ever written a book exploring why Colombians (as a society) are prone to political violence and organized crime. And it’s not just something that started with cocaine…it goes back to the 1800s. I suppose the drug trade fueled things further, but what mix happened here that didn’t happen elsewhere? Or what historical factors could have contributed to this kind of prolonged, low-grade civil war? I wonder if the elections will be peaceful.

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