I Actually did it…

I joined the gym. It’s 10 blocks from where I’m staying so I’ll get a mini-work out just getting there.

It’s not a very nice gym. It’s really small and doesn’t have a treadmill, but it does have an elliptical. I have a feeling the gym caters to Chapinero’s gay population. I read in an article somewhere that some buildings in Chapinero are up to 70% gay, so it’s really not so surprising. So I most likely won’t be having to deal with my Year of Yes committment at the gym, just reducing the size of myself. And it was only the equivalent of $20 for the entire month. When it comes to gym I’m usually a snob and like places with lots of natural light, spa services (even though I never use them) and tons of machines. I say that as if I’m an expert and actually go to gyms often…but anyway, this gym is only for a month and I can afford it. Sometimes you can’t have it all.

Do any gym-goers out there know how long I need to workout everyday to lose 10 pounds in a month? And do I really need to do weight-lifting.

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