Rain and Bagels

If only the rain was this romantic-looking.

We are currently on day 1,08,084,890 of rain. Thinking cab drivers know Bogota better than anyone else, I asked my cab driver yesterday when we might see the sun. His response: “Sometime around the end of June.” I can already feel the vitamin D deficiency…luckily, that’s about when I’ll be getting back to Colombia. For those Virginians out there used to a casual afternoon shower or thunderstorm, you have no idea what 20 hours or rain a day can do to your mood. I’ve barely left the apartment in a week and my outdoor excursions consist soley of buying an empanada every now and then at the shop around the corner. I got caught in a rain storm yesterday, and walking around wet in 50 degree weather in high altitude is a sad and rainy existence. Luckily, I’ve had a lot of work. More than I’ve had in…years. Actually, ever. So at least I have something productive to do during never-ending rainy season. I hope Panama is miraculously less rainy.

So right now, I’d like nothing more than to sit around in my pajamas all day, listen to slightly sad music and eat a cinammon raisin bagel with cinammon cream cheese.

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