The Homeless Man and the Rain

There’s a homeless guy who lives at the bottom of my current building. I didn’t notice him at first — not until I saw a pair of shoes sticking out from what I thought was a pile of old clothes and trash bags. He mostly sleeps during the day, goes through the recycling and trash at night and begs outside a few convenience stores. So we coexist with him pretty easily.

Two nights ago it was raining. Torrential, never-ending monsoon-like rain, and I could hear the man crying/sobbing for hours, right below my window. Somehow the thought that he was crying because of the rain broke my heart more than if he’d been crying because of his children, wife, job, et cetera. Those are things everyone might cry about. I guess if you’re crying because it’s raining and you have nowhere to go, you really can’t get much lower. There are a lot of really sad stories here.

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  1. Thank you for not failing to dignify all the heart-breaking realities of millions of Colombians in your posts.


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