Where the Customer is Not Always Right

The things you miss...

In the United States, the customer is always right. Even if the customer is a raging lunatic who requests the most expensive dish on the menu, eats half of it then says the meal is inedible. The waiter or waitress just smiles and the meal is taken care of by the restaurant or another dish prepared. Maybe they spit on your food in the back, I don’t know, but at least they’re pleasant to your face. Here, there’s a lot of politeness, but be prepared to argue if your waiter/waitress brings you the wrong dish.

The following conversation ensued at my office cafe:

Me: I would like a combo with a lulo juice. With only a little sugar.

Waitress: Lulo juice prepared with only a little bit of sugar?

Me: Yes. Thank you.

Juice comes. I wait for my sandwich. And wait and wait. Nothing. So finally:

Me: Miss, I asked for a sandwich about 15 minutes ago.

Waitress: No you didn’t.

Me: Yes I did.

Waitress: No, you said you wanted the juice instead, not the sandwich.

Me: No, I didn’t. I said I wanted a sandwich with lulu juice.

Waitress: No, I’m sure you didn’t. You changed your mind and said you only wanted the juice.

Me: Can you just bring me a sandwich?

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  1. This is hilarious… I can just imagine the exchange and your frustration.

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