Please Tell me Why

Labor may be cheap, but clothes is not...

I would like to know why some things are ridiculously expensive in Colombia. Examples:

1.) The infamous feta cheese. $15 for something the size of my fist.

2.) Contact liquid. $8 for a 75ml bottle.

4.) Zara clothing. Great sales in Europe. A tank top for $40 in Unicentro. Clothes in general are really expensive. Whatever it costs in the U.S., double it. So I will be buying lots of clothes when I go back home.

5.) Cars. The government taxes each car about $2,500. So I guess I know the “why” there.

6.) Anything remotely “fancy.” Brie, salami, nice breads, olives, et cetera.

Yet I can get a manicure for $3, a decent meal for $2.50 and an apartment for $300. Strange…

In other news, I was under the impression that the guy I’m dating was very tall. Well, I looked at his cedula — by the way, good news, he told me the truth about his age (28) — as I’ve mentioned, in my experience, I’ve found Colombian guys tend to enjoy lying about their age, marital status and offspring. But anyway, he’s only 5’8. I guess when you’re 5’1 everyone looks tall.

A Colombian courtship.

Even though my parents are Colombian, you do notice cultural differences. Some examples:

-He thinks it’s strange that I’m not jealous. He told me other girls he’s dated had serious jealousy issues. I told him that if he’d rather be with someone else, to go ahead, but I’m not going to chase him down with phone calls. I have too much pride. And why would I want to spend my day wondering where he is/what he’s doing/who he’s with? That sounds very stressful.

-Being treated (almost) overly nicely. A lot of chivalry. Opening of doors, paying for everything (not complaining about this one) calling to make sure I get places OK and more. It’s almost like being treated like a spoiled little girl. As I like attention and being spoiled, I’m OK with all of this.

-Economic ups and downs. He had a bad month at work, so he told me his invitations for the next couple weeks would probably only consist of buying me ice cream at the park. “Now you know what a Colombian relationship is like,” he said to me, “there are good days and bad days.” That made me laugh.

-Corniness. I can’t handle it in English, but somehow, it’s not so bad in Spanish. Maybe Spanish lends itself better to corniness and dramatics. It is a Romance language, after all…

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