El Cepillado

I’ve discovered the joy of the cepillado. For those of you who don’t know what el cepillado is, it’s the process of going to the salon and having the hairdresser blow-dry your hair to new, mind-blowing heights and then making sure it stays in place for years by spraying it with a layer of hairspray. I know that in previous entries I’ve dissed/made fun of this favorite Colombian past-time, but let me tell you how I came to love it. As you know, I went to the beauty parlor (do they still call it that?) a few days ago and got my hair cut ($3.50). I also got my eyebrows and nails done ($6). After the lady finished cutting my hair, she asked if I wanted it “cepillado.” My first instinct was to say no, but the manicurist still hadn’t finished my nails, so I skeptically consented to operation cepillado. Also, I thought maybe it would help me make sense of the strange layers and lengths going on top of my head, particularly the three-inch mini-umbrella thing on my crown. The best way I can describe this mass on the crown of my head is with the following picture:

Please observe the feathers on the top of this bird's head. This is what I look like.

Anyway, once blow-dried, my hair took on a shape. Maybe not the best shape, but a shape nonetheless. To be honest, it’s not so much that I look amazing with blow-dried hair. More like, when not blow-dried, my hair looks something like this:

My mullet under normal conditions.

In other news, I am getting quite fat. The Bogotá weight loss miracle is wearing-off. A shame. But I also blame men. Firstly, my brother for his ability to eat mass quantities and not gain weight. In Ecuador, I allowed myself to believe I could do the same. Seven pounds later, I was forced to face reality. Once one begins getting fat, it often leads to resignation. I joined a gym, but I never went. (The walk alone was 10 blocks!) I made mass quantities of salad and ate it once. Then I met a guy who really likes Chinese food, Doritos and beer. So now you see why I blame it all on men. A lot of the time, people tell you the fat thing is in your head. That maybe you feel like you’ve gained weight, but in reality, you’re just imagining it. Well, I’m not imagining it. How do I know this? Because the thought of putting on jeans fills me with dread because that’s how tight they are. So when I’m inside, I’ve been wearing the same loose-fitting dress and reluctantly squeeze into my jeans when I have no choice but to go out. In search of food, naturally. And as soon as I get home, off come the jeans and on comes the dress. Oh well. I will be in Panama on Thursday. Nothing but ceviche and salads and lots of walking…

And speaking of Panama, I have complimentary travel writer stays at five-star resorts and no one to accompany me. So very, very, very, very, very sad.

I have now finished the shallowest blog entry ever.

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  1. Well, I don´t think it´s the shallowest blog entry ever. And even if it were, who said blogs aren´t allowed to be shallow (from time to time)?

    I may be the only one who can actually use some of this info… one day I will surrender to the cepillado. Great bird visual.

    This is a post from a blog I read– http://www.happiness-project.com/happiness_project/2007/07/sometimes-money.html

    I think that first you have to be committed to health (even if just a little committed), rather than just to not being fat. Learn to like healthy things- fresh fruit, vegetables, movement in fresh air and sunlight, the feel and look of muscle tone, having energy, the workout “high,” being able to fit into smaller clothes, feeling confident and good. Self-respect and discipline. I don´t think there´s any Bogotá weight loss miracle– if you look around, you´ll see that quite a few people are definitely overweight. Somehow, though, they get away with it and it can even look good. Tan fat always looks better than pale fat! Everybody knows that… I feel like the culture here is a bit more accepting, curves are embraced. “Gordita” is not attached to judgment or shame. (Or is it? You are more enmeshed in the culture than I am…) So, since there are people that accept and like your appearance, you have to decide if there are more important aspects to it that you are unsatisfied with. I´d say there are, but you can be perfectly fat and happy, just like you can be thin and lonely, or thin and boring, or even thin and unhealthy!

    • I’m agreee with you about the health tips.

      And nothing’s wrong with being shallowed..
      sometimes we just want to share our stupid things and being shallowed is not illegal 🙂 i’d preferred being shallowed than acting like-a-smart-person.

      I like this this post anyway..

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