Three Weeks Alone

I can't wait to have my own place.

Thursday I leave for Panama, where I will spend three weeks visiting high-end restaurants and hotels. All by myself. So Lucky me, poor me. This will give me a lot of time to think, because what else can you do when you have so much time for yourself. This is what I think I want after Panama and the U.S:

1.) Get my own place in Colombia, even if it’s the size of Adriana’s Arlington bedroom. I want it to be mine, and I want this to happen by mid July. I’d prefer a one bedroom, but if I can only find a studio, that will do as well.

2.) Decorate my place however I like. Buy gigantic wine goblets, cheesy Parisian poster art, painted mirrors, et cetera. I think I’ve reached the age where sharing a place is just no longer appealing to me.

3.) Make my living writing, editing and doing freelance projects. But be more disciplined with my schedule, put a bit more effort. Accept that an 8 hour workday is perfectly normal, acceptable and not exactly considered a sacrifice.

4.) Be more responsible. Confront problems rather than pretend they don’t exist.

5.) Take care of myself more. Eat healthy, exercise, all those fun things.

But I have three weeks to think about all this. I’m hoping my plans don’t change. I am feeling a little bit down today. It’s been raining ALL day. I said goodbye to my boyfriend and it was a lot sadder than I thought it would be, and I’m not liking my procrastination problem. But I’m meeting a friend for dinner in La Zona G for Italian food. Yes, you heard right. No comida corriente tonight — no beans, tough beef, potatoes or rice tonight. So I am hoping some conversation and a nice meal and ambience cheers me up. Plus, I’m going on a luxury tropical vacation in two days, even it it’s alone. That should be enough to cheer me up!

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