To Panama

I am at the airport waiting to board my plane to Panama, which means I am less than a month from visiting the U.S, which is very exciting.

I’ve been complaining about going to Panama alone. However, I am going on vacation and will be staying at very nice resorts and hotels, many for free, so who am I to complain? Also, in a rare attempt to be social, I’ve reached out to a few people I knew when I lived in Panama and will hopefully be getting coffee/drinks/traveling around with a few. And as I’ve mentioned before, Panama is like an old childhood friend to me. Maybe I don’t like it so much, per say, but it’s always nice to catch up and reminisce.

And changing the subject, it’s dawned on me that there must be some kind of Milo conspiracy in Colombia. Everywhere I look there is Milo. Milo chocolate milk, Milo cookies, Milo nuggets, Milo candy bars. As a Milo lover, it’s all fine with me, but I do think there is something strange going on.

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