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I swear this is my last hair-related post. I decided to cut myself some bangs. Mistake or improvement?

Panama update: So far I’ve been having quite a good time in Panama. I’m currently staying at my old boss’s apartment in the Area Bancaria, which is much more convenient for me transportation-wise.

My day in great detail:

I had lunch at one of my favorites, NYC Bagel, checked out a few bars, restaurants and hotels, then took a leisurely afternoon nap. The wonderful life I lead.

In the evening, I visited my old boss’s restaurant off of Calle Uruguay and had a delicious ceviche and a few too many pisco sours. I’d seen the restaurant in the pre-opening stages and it looks quite nice inside. Later I ended up at a popular expat bar called “The Londoner” owned by Pierce, a tall Latin-looking guy with a slightly British accent and questionable heritage. I went with my old boss, his wife and two of their friends. At the bar, I met a 60ish absurdly intoxicated Irish man named Louis who every 45 seconds or so said to me in a very strong Irish accent: “What are my chances of a kiss tonight doll?” To which I repeatedly responded: “Zero.” But he seemed to forget because minutes later I had to remind him of my answer. I felt a bit like a mouse running away from a cat: No matter where I went in the bar, Louis following me and in his drunken state, put a hand around my shoulder or waist. Then he’d wink and blow me a kiss. Despite Louis’ aggressive approach and the fact that he’s married, I couldn’t help but find him lovable.

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  1. I can’t see the difference, am I too insensitive?

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