The Updates Continue

Now I've seen Snooki in action.

Yesterday evening I went to dinner with a friend on the Amador Causeway. Bennigan’s, to be exact. Not exactly the most Panamanian of places, but sometimes you just crave all Americanish food. Afterward, we had a drink at Panama’s new party zone, called “La Zona Viva” It’s very similar to the Zona T in Bogotá, except that this being Panama, it has more of a Miami feel to it. A bunch of bars and clubs on a sectioned off part of town blasting Reggaeton, plenty of Jersey-shore type guys, girls in extremely short denim unitards (a poor idea for anyone under 5 foot and over 200 pounds, I’ve discovered), glitter, disco balls and massive hoop earrings. I’m just setting the scene, not judging. I am a massive fan of hoop earrings, the bigger the better.

This morning I woke up inspired. For half an hour, I did sit-ups, lunges, squats, push ups, leg-lifts and stretches. Then I went on a one hour walk in 95 degree weather. While all of this is great for my health, I spent the day unable to get off the coach watching a Jersey Shore Marathon. As I’ve been living in Colombia without cable TV for the last few months, I decided it was time to start reconnecting with America so I’m fully in the know by the time I go back.

Well, dear readers, that’s about it for today. Well, I do have another example of Panama customer service. For lunch I decide I want sushi so I head to the place right around the corner. For some reason, my card’s denied, so I ask one of the guys to come to my building with me and I’ll give him another card to run through the machine. So we get to the apartment and does he have the credit card machine? No, of course not.

Me: Ok, try this card.

Him: Ohhhh…I didn’t bring the card machine.

Me: But I thought that’s why you came to the apartment. It’s OK, I’ll just pay cash. [Hand him a $20]

Him: I don’t have any change.

So back we went to the restaurant. I hope I’m not becoming a horrible person.

Tomorrow I have a complimentary night at the Buenaventura Bristol, a new high-end resort on Panama’s Pacific Coast. After getting a message, getting my tan on at the infinity pool and indulging in a lovely dinner, I plan to rock out to Celine Dion’s “All by Myself” in my luxury air-conditioned room.

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