In Case You Are Interested in Hotels

Since I’m staying in pretty nice hotels around Panama, I’ve decided to make a little photo journal for your viewing pleasure. And to make you jealous of the life I lead. Below are pics from the Buenaventura. It’s low season during the week, so the hotel feel a bit deserted, but it’s a really beautiful place with friendly staff and the rooms are quite nice. There are a few pools, a semi-private beach, horse rental, water sports, a few restaurants, a bar, spa, sauna, et cetera. The place is designed as a Spanish-style hacienda, with plenty of little plazas and fountains scattered around, making it feel a lot bigger than the 114 rooms it is. From what I gather, this is the new hotspot for Panama’s elite to vacation on weekends and get married.

As luxurious as the hotel is, I fear I am just not a resort person. The Buenaventura is about 6km off the main road and a while away from the nearest town, which means that you must satisfy yourself with lounging by the pool, going to the beach, drinking, eating, watching TV, relaxing, et cetera. OK, so as I wrote that just now I can see how ridiculous it sounds that I find this limiting…but again, my idea of a vacation has always been to get out and do something. Because I’ve never had a job that requires me to be in an office long hours, I can’t really understand when people say they need to getaway and relax, do absolutely nothing. I can do nothing whenever I feel like it. A luxury, I know, so when I’m on vacation, I like to do something. I think I can honestly say I have a one-in-a-million job.

View from my window

My little sofa area

View from the balcony

View from my window

And the last view

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