Please, Let me know What You’re Thinking.

Self explanatory.

My new haircut.

My grandmother has a maid who comes once or twice a week to help her cook and clean. She is very helpful and my grandmother loves her, but I live in fear of my grandmother’s beloved maid. You see, Cecilia (that is her name) does not appear to have any kind of natural filter for what should or should be said. Some of you who have read my previous posts are familiar with some of her old comments: “Are your legs swollen? (ME: NO). “Wow, they’re that fat?”, “I guess your sister got the good body genes, but at least you have big boobs,” “Well, I’ve heard there are some men who like fat women and, her favorite, “You are already fat enough. You should not be eating that. You will get fatter.”

Cecilia is here right now. I am in my room with the door closed. When I opened the door for her this morning, her first words were, “Dear God, look how fat you’ve gotten. Time to eat less.” I’m not saying I’m in denial that my U.S. visit was very bad for my figure (Goodbye size 6, hello size 10…) but there is no need to constantly be reminded. I am not looking forward to lunch because I know when she hands me my plate she will say something such as “I didn’t give you any rice because God knows you don’t need any.”

This unsolicited body commentary is something I won’t miss when I go back to the U.S. I’d much rather people just talk behind my back if I gain 100 pounds. I feel that at 25 I am very aware of my body and when I lose/gain weight. However, dear old Cecilia does not appear to believe this is the case and does her best to let me know the state of things. I am glad I have a good sense of humor.

In other news, I got a haircut. You will find a picture of said haircut above. I went to the salon yesterday to fix myself up a bit. Aside from the haircut/style, I got my eyebrows down and a pedicure and manicure. The grand total for all of this? $42,000. That’s about US$20. And it was a pretty nice place. I have gotten quite accustomed to weekly pedicures and manicures and that is one thing I will miss. I met up with my boyfriend yesterday for a couple of beers. I had prepared him for my new, more ample appearance and decided that considering there was more of me, I should try to fix myself up as nice as possible. Luckily, because men are not very observant, he did not even notice I had gained weight. Or maybe he was just being nice. I’m fine with either possibility.

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  1. People like Cecilia is what makes the days appear more eventful in the homeland

  2. My grandmother is the same way as Cecila. She doesn’t hold back comments – I don’t think its malicious but unecessary for sure. hang in there!

  3. I think your haircut is super cute!

    Why not think up some acidic comebacks for Cecilia? She sounds pretty unhappy… sad. Being thin doesn´t mean you´ll be happy or nice! Or even attractive or healthy! Just be you.

  4. Well, she seems very happy and satisfied. I don’t think she’s mean, I think she just thinks it’s perfectly normal.

  5. It’s the same in Thailand. If you’re overweight, and it’s hard not to be “overweight” among a bunch of toothpick thin Thais, then you’re sure to get a remark about it at some point, usually accompanied by a big grin.

    Last time I was there my exgirlfriend’s brother, who hadn’t seen me in a year, took one look at me, and making no attempt to be discreet at all he immediately focused his eyes on my stomach, where I was carrying an extra 15 pounds or so.

    Then he looked me in the eye and gave me a big smile and spoke his first words in a year to me. ” You gain your weight a lot!”

    Yeah, well thanks there Nuntawat. I was wondering why I’ve been having trouble getting into my pants and why I had to start using the next hole out on my belt about six months ago.

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