Old Wing.

I’ve been fervently working on the Frommer’s guide and have made, without exaggerating, about 500 calls in the last 5 days. A lot of hotels in Panama were built small, so they’ve had to add a new unit in the last few years. What I have discovered in these last few days is that hotel receptionists and owners do not take lightly to me asking about guestrooms in “old’ and “new” wing.

Me: How much are the rooms in the older wing?

Receptionist/owner: Old? There is nothing old here!

Me: I mean, I remember you had two wings, one was built in 1960, the other two years ago. How much are the rooms in the 1960 wing?

R/O: The rooms in the less new wing are $60. But they aren’t old.

On another note, I wish I could bring 10 gallons of 1% American milk to Colombia with me.

Categories: Colombia

3 replies

  1. I die for 1% milk.

  2. Why don’t you introduce yourself as a writer updating a travel guide? I’d think that then they’d make a little more of an effort to accommodate you so that you’d write them up positively.

  3. With a lot of the smaller places, they just don’t know or care about Frommers…

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