My Colombian Boyfriend and Other News

CASTLE REFLECTIONS por Edward Dullard.

Courtesy of Edward Dullard

When I first moved to Colombia, I was pretty adamant about NOT having a Colombian boyfriend due to my own preconceived notions of rampant infidelity and over-the-top romantic gestures. But I failed. I’ve had my Colombian boyfriend for just over three months and so far it’s not too bad. Sometimes he’s prone to exaggerated (to my American sensibilities) romantic monologues telling me how great I am, but I guess this is much nicer than exaggerated monologues telling me how non-great I am.

My boyfriend has never tried sushi or Thai, Indian, Ethiopian, Vietnamese or even French food. He is most content with $9,000 lunches of rice, beans, chicken, avocado and plantain. The most international he’s gone is Chinese. He does not seem to understand why I would want to pay $200 for a room when I can get a nice big house in a less fancy neighborhood for $200. Sometimes he talks like a Colombian Telenovela actor. He also loves hard rock and plays guitar in a heavy metal band, although he tells me it’s really just to kill the time because his band is quite bad. He likes to spend money on guitars and drum sets. When he was a teenager, he wore black and had hair down to his waist. I am glad he now wears colors and has normal-length hair. His sense of casual elegance is a black and red lumberjack shirt tucked into jeans. He always opens doors for me, pays for everything and doesn’t complain when I walk 0.5 miles an hour for 20 blocks because I’m wearing 4 inch heals. But he does gently suggest flats. For a long time I thought he was really tall, but I looked at his cedula and he is just under 5’9. He’s never been out of the country or even on a plane but doesn’t seem intimidated that I have.  I think he feels a sense of accomplishment that he has a blue-eyed foreign girlfriend. He told me that in the past he saw his girlfriends once a week. I told him that that was fine, but he should note that in the 6 days between dates, I would be looking for someone (else) who wanted to see me every 2-3 days, so now I see him every 2-3 days.

In other news, I moved into a castle in the mountains. It’s not quite as nice as the castle in the picture above, unfortunately. From the outside, my castle is quite attractive. On the inside, it looks a bit like a hospital. There’s a kitchen and hallway across from each other at the entrance, then a very long highway with three rooms on each side. My roommates are a Swiss girl, an American guy, a Colombian girl who lives in the U.S., and a Colombian guy. It works out well for me because my roommates are never home during the day, so I go to the living room, pretend it’s my office and get work done. The best thing about my castle is that the store around the corner sells RUNTS, FUN DIP and NERDS. You can’t imagine my joy at discoverying this. In fact, I think I’ll go get some Fun Dip after finishing this blog.

And in yet more news, I joined a gym. I know this has happened before without success, but I am optimistic about this time. I joined a fancy gym in los Rosales to see if maybe a pleasant ambiance would motivate me to workout. I was supposed to have my fitness assessment this morning, where they measure my body fat, try to make me run a mile and tell me what I have to do to get where I want to be, but I slept in. I felt ambitious and set the appointment for 6:30am. But then last night I decided to drink half a box of wine with my new friend Courtney, followed by two beers at the monthly meetup group I belong to, so I still don’t know my body fat content, which is somewhat of a relief.

That’s about it for now.

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  1. So glad you are enjoying your time in Colombia! I can’t wait till I can come visit you and your castle!
    It sounds like you are having a good time! Keep up with the gym thing!! 🙂


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