A New Restaurant

Today, much to my dismay, my overpriced neighborhood cafe was closed, so I went in search of a new place to work and stumbled on Le Fusionario (www.fusionario.com). El Fusionario is a really tiny restaurant with green carpet on one wall, and white tables and white chairs in an old white house.  It sounds weird, but it works. There’s outdoor patio seating and as of now, the only customers are me and an older woman wearing a blue plaid shirt and pants. The place is somewhere between cozy French restaurant and IKEA’s number one customer. For lunch, I ordered the COL$10,000 combo of chicken “ninja” wok and a fruit juice. It’s a little greasy and salty and I know this because Frommer’s has made be a major snob when it comes to restaurants and hotels, but it’s one of the more innovative meals you can get in Bogotá for $5. The best part of El Fusionario is that they seem to own all of Putumayo’s Eastern European gypsy music CDs, which I’m sure any Perilla-Vanhemelrjck would appreciate, especially Ivan.

In other news, we have a new roommate. His name is Juan Pablo and he’s from Medellin. I will refer to him as “el Paisa” from now on.  El Paisa is about 6 foot 5 (that might be an exaggeration, but he’s the tallest Colombian I’ve ever seen), has a upper-arm tattoo and looks like an American football player. Ironically enough,  el Paisa took the smallest room in the apartment. He has a flair for interior design and rearranged our living room so it looks spacious and inviting. He works as a photographer and photography professor at la Polytecnica. My friend Courtney may very possibly move in to the apartment which might motivate me to cook more often (it’s more fun to cook for two than one), which is very exciting. There is also a new French guy who may soon move in. So the inhabitants of apartment are currently: Anna, a very friendly, talkative Swiss girl; Juan Pablo; William, a 22-year-0ld Colombian guy who enjoys Lady Gaga and who I only see around 11am every morning when he makes himself a smoothie; Alejandro, a student who’s been traveling since I moved in, Preston, a 29-year-old America non-profit type who I’ve seen about three times in the kitchen but who seems to spend a lot of time with his girlfriend, and me. It’s like the Colombian Auberge.

And in yet more news, I am getting tired of writing articles about campgrounds near Hinckley, Minnesota and fly-fishing off the Gulf Coast of Florida. So if anyone knows of any freelance writing, editing or translation assignments, feel free to let me know.

Well, El Fusionario has just started playing what sounds like festive Romanian gypsy music. How exciting. I better go back to my Egg Harbor, Wisconsin campground story. So far, it’s just a $15 day.

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2 replies

  1. You are so good with details and atmosphere. Had to laugh at the Putumayo family joke 🙂

    Your roommates sound so cool! I didn’t realize it was such a big place, but you did say castle.

    I’m sorry you are feeling slogged with the camping articles. That must mean something exciting and fabulous is around the corner…

  2. Sounds like life’s good, Ji! I hope your house is as lively when I come to visit 😉

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