The End of Another Week.


Today I wrote about Camping on Texas’ Gulf Coast, The Best Utah Tent Camping and Things to do After Prom in Los Angeles. If anyone knows how one goes about finding other freelance projects, please let me know, because I don’t know how much more camping research I can take. Why can’t paying the bills be more exciting?  For now, I have to write a minimum of two camping articles a day to pay my student loan, health insurance, credit card bills, rent, and live relatively well in Colombia. Really, it’s nothing to complain about.

In other news, I bought a set of water colors a few days ago and have spent the last few nights mastering the art of tree painting. I just Googled “watercolor tree,” and now I’m a pine tree, oak tree, and weeping willow expert. Next I will Google “watercolor bushes and shrubs,” “watercolor lake,” “watercolor sky,” and “watercolor mountains,” and give everyone tranquil nature scenes for Christmas.  In non-water color news, my next door apartment-mate is back. I had my own private bathroom for a month, but those days appear to be over. I saw him once on the way to the kitchen, but no words have been exchanged as of yet. He blasts Gwen Stefani, Ke$ha, and Lady Gaga all day long. He also enjoys singing along. Hopefully this trend doesn’t continue at night. After the plate-flying incident, I’m too embarrassed to go back to the reliable-internet café, so today I think I’ll have to work out of the ridiculously-expensive-pastries-café, where a cappuccino and slice of cheesecake cost $5. OK, so writing $5 versus $10,000 makes it seem not so terrible.

Yesterday I asked my boyfriend if when we met he worried that I traveled so much. He said not really, because he thought I was a nerd. Apparently, I was wearing a neon green backpack that might have given me a yuppy-esque appeal on Washington’s Metro, but did nothing for me in his eyes but provide a shield between myself and other guys during my travels through Panama and the U.S. I can’t believe he kept his nerd-assessment to himself for the past four months.

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  1. did you paint that?

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