My Monkey

Interesting facts of the week:

(1) After surviving a nearly fatal bout of chorizo food poisoning/rum hang over, I felt great for a day then got an equally lethal cold. Except I’m still alive. I couldn’t tell my grandma because she would just say “I told you so…this is what happens when you don’t wear a Serbian style fur hat, scarf and snow pants in 60 degree weather…

(2) My boyfriend keeps trying to speak English. He thinks it is very romantic to say things like “Hello, my monkey…How are you doing today, my monkey? What are you doing today, my monkey?”

(3) I’m attempting to revive the book club I belong to. It’s faltered a few times but hopefully things will work out this time around. The book of the month is “The Portrait of a Lady.” My quality of life has vastly improved since receiving Nora’s English language books package.

(4) Today I wrote the following articles: RV parks near Las Vegas, Activities for Kids in Buffalo, State campgrounds in northwestern Oregon, Outdoor Activities in Lake Erie Region of Pennsylvania and Fun Activities for Singles in Orlando.

(5) In an attempt to achieve fiscal responsibility, I’ve started writing down everything I spend. I found out I spend about $45 (US) on Runts. I am trying to cut back to $15, but they are so tasty and delicious. I even calculated how much each meal costs me. Breakfast, for example, costs me about COL$1,000. But don’t be alarmed. That’s only about 50 cents. Because I love to buy useless things I don’t really need (Runts, cheesecake) I’ve given myself a COL$10,000 a day crap budget.

(6) Lastly, after exhausting the AE “Intervention” episodes on Youtube, I’ve become addicted to “48 Hours Mystery” Youtube episodes. I listen to them while I write, while I cook and before bed. I think I need to stop.

I hope I have more exciting activities to report later this week.

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  1. Book club! I’m glad the package has improved your life, my monkey.

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