Below you will find a typical conversation with my grandma. I suppose that because I’m not particularly intrigued by people’s eating habits, I find it fascinating that my grandma is.

Grandma: What did you eat for lunch?

Me: A tamal.

Grandma: Why didn’t you go to the Cuban restaurant?

Me: They were no longer serving lunch.

Grandma: Where did you buy it?

Me: At the store.

Grandma: Why didn’t you buy it at the bakery?

Me: I don’t know.

Grandma: What time did you eat it?

Me: Around 2.

Grandma: Why did you eat that late?

Me: That’s when I got hungry.

Grandma: How did you cook it?

Me: In the microwave.

Grandma: Why didn’t you boil it?

Me: It’s faster in the microwave.

Grandma: How long did you microwave it for?

Me: Eleven mintutes.

Grandma: Was it warm?

Me: Yes.

Grandma: Even the center?

Me: Yes.

Grandma: Because last time you microwaved it, it wasn’t warm in the center (she was very upset about this).

Me: This time I did a good job.

Goes out to buy bread. Comes back two minutes later.

Grandma: It looks like it’s going to rain soon. I can’t go out because I will die. Can you go buy some bread?

Me: Sure.

Grandma: I only have a $50,000 bill, so I guess I’ll have to give you that.

Me: I have smaller change.

Grandma: OK, if you insist I’ll let you spend money this one time.

I am in my pajamas, brushing my hair in the bathroom, getting ready to go. My grandm0ther opens the door

Grandma (in a very serious tone): You’re not going in your pajamas are you?

Me: No, I’m about to put on jeans.

Grandma: Because in Colombia you can’t go out in your pajamas.

Me: It’s pretty rare in the United States too.

Grandma: You should not be eating tamales.

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  1. you seem like a fun girl….i’m a history teacher here in florida….want to see the present state of american education? try to open it’s sadly so true

  2. This is almost funny, too. I should send you the photos of Americans shopping at Walmart….

  3. Hilarious! I just read this out loud to my colomiban-norwegian family and none of us can stop laughing:)

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