Quail Eggs and More.

Quail Eggs

I was at the local 7-11 type store in my neighborhood when I found these quail eggs. They were so tiny and adorable that I just had to buy them. I hope Kim and Chris enjoy tomorrow’s quail egg breakfast.

In other news, I think I finally realize why my boyfriend calls me a monkey. The word for a white-looking person in Colombia is mono o mona. Translated literally, it means monkey.

Today I went to the eye doctor to buy new contacts and started reading Colombia’s version of US or Star Magazine, where I learned that a well-known Colombian TV actress is dating a so-called American politician (even though he has not actually held political post) who attended Tulane University in New Orleans and who’s father served as the ambassador to Denmark sometime in the 90s, I believe. I wonder why background matters so much more in Colombian than in the U.S.

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