Not Helpful to my Work Environment.

This captures the basic style.

I am sitting in my neighborhood cafe and these two ridiculous girls just walked in. They are ridiculous because they are dressed like Jamaican rastas. They just came back from a yoga class and seem to believe that yoga is only beneficial when donning a certain kind of attire. One of them has been talking loudly on her blackberry for the last half an hour to someone who appears to be named “Bebe.” She is wearing black gaucho pants, brown boots and a white shirt that shows most of her stomach. Pretty risque in Bogota. The other has been texting away on her Blackberry. The texting one is wearing pink pants and a gray t-shirt with the neck cut ’80s style and says everything is “divino” and “espectacular.” That might not seem so bad, but imagine two English speakers saying “That’s so preeeeeeecioussssss!” “How spectaculaaaaaarrrrrrrr!!!!” three times per minute. Both of them also like to throw in English words now and then. “Nos vemos ‘Friday’,” “Amorcitooooooooooo ‘why’ me dices esoooooo?” It’s like being in a telenovela. It’s like the Colombian version of a certain type of Northern Virginia girl. Interesting how the same kind of people exist everywhere.

They are ruining my work environment.

In other news, there is no news. It’s rainy and cloudy like always. My boyfriend asked me what a redneck is. I showed him videos on youtube and he told me they look like they have a lot of fun and maybe he’d want to be one.

I can’t wait to come home.

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2 replies

  1. I found your blog by accident, and I am just so endeared. don’t stop writing 🙂

  2. send your man to southwest va. he’ll discover redneck life all on his own!

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