As I’ve mentioned, I live in a castle. But it is not a high quality castle. The first day I moved in there was no hot water. Then one fine night all of us awoke to a flooded hallway. After that, the electricity went out in half the apartment. Today, the family room flooded, the modem got wet and now we have no Internet. Usually, the Internet goes out every 2.5 minutes or so, but at least that allows for some communication with the outside world because, like most Colombians, I never have minutos on my cell.

It has been beautiful and sunny two days in a row. A nice break from the rain. Does anyone remember reading a short story about a girl named Margot who lives on some planet where the sun only comes out every nine years or something like that? Well, I was starting to feel like Margot. On Facebook one of my friends said that Bogota should build an umbrella monument. That would be a good idea…

Anyway, I don’t have much work coming my way at this moment, have a lot of time on my hands and very little money. Any suggestions for how to spend my days?

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