Fanny Packs and Elderly Insurance

The never attractive fanny pack.

Today I was talking to a Panamanian friend. We are both dating Colombians and he told me that from his experience with his girlfriend and his interactions with Colombians, most of the Colombians he’s met seem to see children as some sort of insurance for their old age, almost like they have children so that someone will be there to take care of them. My friend also said that in Colombia, it’s impossible to be considered a good son or daughter if you are living your own life fully. I think there’s some truth to both of these statements, though it doesn’t apply to all parent/child relationships.

In other news, my boyfriend bought himself a fannypack a few months ago. When I saw him I told him I did not think it was wise for him to go around wearing it. Yesterday he told me he always wears it when I’m not around and takes it off right before we see each other. He says all the other ladies say it’s sexy. I tried to inform him that fanny packs are for middle-aged to elderly American men traveling to Europe, but I don’t think there’s anything I can do to convince him that a fanny pack is not an attractive accessory.

I’m almost done applying to grad school. I’ll be starting in January, June or August depending what schools I get into. I’m actually really exciting about the idea of going back to school, studying and learning and having a well defined career. After four years of living between Panama, Colombia and Washington and being on the move every few months, I’m really looking forward to having a permanent home and more financial and career stability. While some might say I told you so, I don’t think I would have gotten to this point without doing what I felt like I needed to do.

So, I’m feeling pretty good about life right now.

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  1. What are you planning to get your degree in?

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