Ever since I’ve moved to Colombia I’ve become interested in eyes. Why? Because people here are. In the U.S I got a few comments here and there about my eyes, but here I feel special. Because light eyes are much rarer here, they are much more noted. I’d have a hard time recalling what color eyes my friends have in the U.S because it wasn’t much of a big deal, but I’ve found that since moving here, I notice eye color a lot more. I found this eye chart online and think it’s pretty cool. I have learned that my eyes are hazel-blue.

eye colour chart by Delpigeon

I did a bit of my own photo taking and discovered the following:

My boyfriend's eyes are light brown in the center but very gray toward the outside.

Mine are blue-green toward the outside with a ring of light brown toward around the pupil.









Maybe I will make my own eye chart. Because of the mix here, there are some pretty interesting eye colors in Colombia.

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  1. do you know much about cartaegna? i am looking to buy a shack near the water for some summer fun .Any leads? thank you

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