One of the things I’ve noticed since coming back to the U.S is how big everything is. And I don’t just mean the people. By all reasonable analyses, my house is small by Fairfax County standards. They don’t even make houses this small anymore. Yet, in Colombia, my house would be considered very big. There are some brick houses across the  street from mine. Before living abroad, I would have considered them normal houses. Through Colombian eyes, they look like mansions.

The same goes for everything. Unicentro is considered a huge shopping center in Colombia — here, pretty average size. Carulla and el Exito have nothing on Wegman’s or Super Walmart. The streets are wider, backyards seem ridiculous, unnecessarily large and I think that someone who’s not from here just can’t begin to imagine the vastness of American universities.

Of course, I’m comparing wealthy American suburbs to a South American city — but since I don’t have the experience of living in an American city, I can’t compare. All I know is that this time around, coming home, everything looks crazily, unnecessarily but wonderfully big.

Typical Northern Virginia house.


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  1. …backyards seem ridiculous, unnecessarily large…. I don’t think Pebbles thought it was ridiculous.

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