Going out in Arlington.

I’ve been out of the U.S for the better part of 4 years. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, men in Colombia never approach you to dance because everyone just dances with the people in the group they arrived with. Here, it’s a little different. I had forgotten how men in America ask you if they want to dance. Really, they don’t. Therefore, you must dedicate a large part of your brain activity to peripheral vision, because American guys (despite American womens’ claims that Latinos are machistas) think it’s perfectly acceptable to latch on to you unawares from behind and begin grinding on you. I think they developed this survival mechanism because they were tired of women saying no when they asked so they figured they’d just jump right in and hope for the best.

Aside from this rude reminder of the singles dance scene, I am thoroughly enjoying myself here in the U.S, despite my limited mobility.  (Due to lack of car).


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