Pedicure, American Style.


On Wednesday I’m getting a pedicure at a fancy salon in Fairfax. I’ve chosen a fancy salon for a couple of reasons. One, I want to be able to compare it to the type of salon I’d go to in Colombia (where my fancy pedicure would cost about $10) and two, working for Frommer’s has made me incredibly snobby and I now require star treatment. However, because I’m not important I can’t actually expect star treatment, so I will settle for a nice ambiance and hair dressers with weird names who convince me that that it’s worth paying $50 more  for a comfortable chair and “reflexology” treatment.

Also, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more competitive in every aspect of my life because I feel like competitive people tend to be more successful. So this past Sunday when I went bowling with some friends I decided to give it my best shot. Well, there’s a reason I haven’t been more competitive in the past: I tried my hardest and bowled a 47, which (as you can imagine) put me in last place. It’s much easier to accept last place when you don’t make an effort. Now I must accept one of two things: (1) I suck at bowling or (2) I suck at bowling and would have to spend several times a week practicing by myself if I ever want to get anything near 100. Because I’m not all that passionate about bowling, I’m going with option 1.

If only I had never made an effort, I could have gone a lifetime telling myself that I could be a great bowler, if I only tried.

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  1. enjoy yout posts but am not sure if that apt. you are looking to rent is in bogota or fairfax?

  2. funny post, I enjoyed reading it!

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