American Pedicure

I was really excited to write about my American pedicure experience, but sadly, I have little to report. Yes,  it was lovely and relaxing and wonderfully clean with New Age-y music playing in the background, Asian-inspired decor and an assortment of teas and other beverages, but there were no two-foot tall cepillados in sight. I guess you can’t ask for character AND strictly adhered to cleanliness/customer standards.

Some differences I noticed: In Colombia, most salons just have a little tub for your feet, here the pedicure station looks like a spaceship contraption with water jets, a pivoting chair, headrest, et cetera. None of the nail technicians had their cell on them so there was no chance to eavesdrop on any kind of romantic altercation, (In Colombia, hairdressers and nail technicians sometimes have extended cell phone conversations as they’re doing your nails…) and no one told me I’m fat or suggested a rapid weight-loss meal replacement liquid diet.

Overall, a pleasant but not overly memorable experience.

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