Adventures of a Colombian Housewife

In just a few hours, I’ll be back in Colombia for a few months to undertake my new role as a Colombian housewife (apartment girlfriend?). It’s a role I never thought I’d have, but after four years of unconventional, definitively non 8-5 jobs, it won’t be too hard of a transition. To be fair to myself, I won’t be a total housewife — I’ll be starting grad school and taking nine credit hours and will continue to do freelance editing/writing and translating, but the house (crazily tiny apartment) will be my domain. Because my Colombian schedule usually consists of waking up at 6:30 in the morning and completing my work day by 10:30, I have decided to dedicate myself to the art of gourmet cooking and to learning how to knit. The gourmet cooking thing is really more for myself — my boyfriend thinks that chicken and rice is the epitome of fine dining and will probably not appreciate the unexpected infusion of condiments and seasoning that’s coming his way. I’ve decided to undertake knitting because, after a long time of not really making a full effort to learn a new skill, I think it’s time to challenge my brain. Plus, poorly-knitted scarves and hats for everyone in Christmas 2011 will be a money saver!!!

To be honest, I’m not exactly looking forward to going back to Colombia. If you’ve ever felt like the U.S isn’t for you and you’d rather be somewhere else, I recommend moving somewhere else. Within 1-2 years (maybe less!) you will start developing ridiculous, Palin-level patriotism and (if your parents are immigrants and you’ve experienced identity issues throughout your life) you’ll suddenly feel more American than ever.  Ok, so this might not be the case for everyone, but it’s the case for me. I can say with 1000% confidence that there’s no where I’d rather live besides the U.S, even if (for some reason) I had to choose between Alaska, Texas and Wyoming. However, I’m going to try to make the best of the situation. I figure if my boyfriend is willing to give up Colombia for me, I can give him a few months of my life to make sure this (eventually moving to the U.S together) is what we really want.

Because I’m actually abroad with a purpose and long-term goals this time around (rather than just to escape what I perceived as a mundane existence in the U.S) I think I’ll be able to enjoy myself more than before. I want to travel around more, go out more, make a home of our (future) tiny, falling apart apartment, learn things and use my time wisely. And please feel free to visit in the next few months. I can role out my second hand flannel fouton for you.

*** To clarify before I start getting hate comments…I’m not saying all other countries suck…just that happiness isn’t as geographical as I thought and as a whole, I’m not going to be significantly happier or more miserable in one place compared to another, so it makes sense to live somewhere with excellent infrastructure and a comparatively strong economy  where you can go to the grocery store wearing sweatpants.

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2 replies

  1. good luck you will make a fine wife all the best bruce

  2. Good luck with the new apartment! Hope to see you soon! 🙂

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