Our New Place

Our kitchen, which for some reason is disproportionally large in comparison to the rest of the apartment.

So, we’ve finally moved into our new, tiny place. By tiny, I mean 350 square feet (maybe less). In fact, it’s so small it’s hard to take pictures. But here are a few:

View of park outside my window.

Street view from apartment window.

Our living room, with just enough room for a small table and sofa.

Bedroom…which has room for a double bed and nightstand.

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7 replies

  1. I think the apartment looks very cute, I hope the two of you enjoy it and make it a happy home!

  2. wooohooo! congratulations. living in small quarters is not that horrible…Cant wait to go visit!

  3. Hi! My name is Johannes. Im a Swedish guy who happened to stumble across your blog today by chance. Very well-written and interesting posts! Your pics on this blog entry intrigues me. It doesnt happen to be around calle 53b,54 con carrera 18? The house on the third pic looks suspiciously like my house in Bogotá.

      • Its very close to the bustling calle 53, running through the neighbourhood Galerias. Me and my colombian man owns a flat in the house covered by the big tree on your third pic. Thats funny… Take care! 🙂

      • That is funny! I really enjoyed that area and my apartment there. I remember there was a nice little park and it was so centrally located. The only bad thing was that I had a fifth story apartment with no elevator, but at least my legs were toned!

  4. I also enjoy the area. I like the little park, though I usually wake up early on Saturday mornings when a drum band is practicing on the basketball ground… That would irritate me badly in Sweden, but when you’re abroad your frame of references in some respects tend to be blurred and altered. Anyway, we’re going to Colombia in October for a two month stay and then I will look up at your old house and give My Nomad Life a thought. 😉

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