Bright New Furniture

Our new couch: Large enough for one morbidly obese person or two very thin people.

Good news: Phone line, Internet, and Direct TV installed and functioning. I know material things aren’t supposed to define your happiness, but I have to admit, I’m a lot happier having a TV and Internet connection than without…

We are slowly buying things for our new abode. Here you see our brand new bright red sofa bed. Calling it a couch is deceiving…it’s more like a cotton mattress that folds up somewhat in the shape of a couch, but you can’t ask for too much for $90. The good news is that we now have room for one large or two very small overnight guests. In cases of two overnight guests, please expect to sleep very close together. In addition to the couch, we also purchased a pressure cooker, and much to my surprise, I’ve discovered that my boyfriend cooks, but only when a pressure cooker is involved. Our next purchase will be a large (but old-fashioned) TV for the family room. My boyfriend goes to bed around 9pm, so having a TV in the family room will allow me to watch crime TV late into the night.

This week will be light work wise — most of my students at the company I work at are on a business trip most of the week, so I pretty much just have one class a day this week. I’m aware that my recent posts have not mostly domestic and not very exciting…I will try to spice things up a bit in the future. But for now, I’m off to make blackberry juice.

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