I have a Visitor

My mom arrived Tuesday night and brought me wonderful things like flavored oatmeal, raisin bran and peanut butter. Tonight, my mom will finally be meeting my boyfriend (and his mom) so it´s a big day. I think my boyfriend is feeling a little bit nervous and seems to think that my mom will find him unsophisticaetd, but I think everything will go well.

Along with the many gifts my mom brought me (yes, she still buys me clothes even though I’m 26…) were my algebra and geometry books, so today I started my intensive math rehabiltation crash course to the sounds of Korean pop. It was like being back in Centreville, but  the moment was ruined when elevator jazz and sounds of the rainforest came on. All this in Oma, one of Colombia’s largest coffee chains. This particular Oma is large and pleasant (in a warehouseindustrialist minimalist way) and faces Parque 93, one of my favorite Bogota city parks (after el Virrey), which makes studying math a little more pleasant. However, I’m only in chapter four and I’ve already encountered difficulties in Algebra for Idiots.

In addition to math, I’ve taken the first steps toward volunteerism. I have two appointments at two different non-profits, one that offers psychological and recreational services to kids between 6 and 12, and one that offers about half a dozen different services to kids and adults who have been the victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, Colombia´s civil war and other injustices. I’ve decided to visit both foundations before deciding which one is a better fit. What I’m looking for exactly is an opportunity to work training teenagers and young adults in different areas, maybe helping them with their resumes, encouraging them and helping them to pursue higher education, et cetera, so I hope the second non-profit works out.

Tomorrow I plan to visit the yoga place closest to my house to check it out and sign up for a few classes. I´m really not looking forward to this, but as a liberal, female college-educated, middle class city dweller, I feel it’s my duty to give it a try, just like farmer’s markets, organic products and non-chain coffee houses.  The place I’m thinking of signing up at is called Happy Yoga and I hope this isn´t false advertising. Maybe I will make a friend, but I think I’m mostly going to hide in the back and hope no one realizes I can’t touch my toes.

So those are my success this week. As for my failures, my apartment is a disaster (although my boyfriend did take out the trash without my even asking), and I’ve been cleaning it since 8am this morning. I didn’t go jogging this week. In my defense, I started one day but there were construction workers paving the road by the park and I just couldn’t handle the corre gordita corre commentary, so I ran to my apartment instead of around the park. I am having trouble eating healthily and controlling my spending on stupid things. For example, on a day when I make $60, I can expect to spend $15 on crap. That’s $450 a month on crap. If money wasn’t an issue, I could careless…but $450 is more than double my portion of the rent!

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