90-day challenge.

I’ve decided to join my friend Rasha on a 90-day wellness challenge. The parameters of the challenge are:

1.) Hit the gym religiously

2.) Write down what you eat

3.) Avoid alcohol

4.) Go to sleep at a reasonable time.

I’m replacing “Hit the gym religiously” with buy cheap elliptical and join yoga,” and adding “stop wasting money on stupid stuff.” So starting April 9, I will also be writing down every penny I spend in an attempt to lower my “stupid stuff” budget to $150-$200 a month (including a few non-stupid restaurant meals). To make things a little more fun, I’m going to buy myself a nice 90-day challenge notebook.

I’ve also signed up for summer and fall classes and am very excited. I’ll be taking addictions counseling, wellness and prevention, trends in school counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, multicultural therapy, and family therapy. I don’t remember being this excited about classes since elementary school.

Lastly, parent-boyfriend meeting went well and all parties involved seem to like each other.

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3 replies

  1. Yeah, a nice notebook seems like just the thing to motivate you 🙂

  2. glad to hear about the success of the parent-boyfriend meeting.

  3. I second tati… now I want to meet him!

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