The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I fear this may be my future if I don’t get out there.

The Good: 

(1) I’m going strong on my 2.5 year loan repayment plan (writing articles such as “how to date a hippie” and “meeting girls in Columbus, Georgia.”

(2) I cleaned my apartment today

(3) 12 more days of classes and then I have a one month break

(4) 40 more days until I go to the U.S and experience more than 38 seconds of sunshine at one time.

(5) I continue to be interested in psychology and am still very enthusiastic about my grad program

(6) I have a very clear life plan

(7) I am going on a romantic getaway to a non-romantic but hot small town about an hour outside Bogota with my boyfriend. I haven’t left Bogota in months, so this prospect is very excited. Plus, my boyfriend just bought a car, so no crowded, speeding, death-defying bus experience necessary.

The Bad:

(1) I think the effects of social isolation are finally getting to me, maybe because my friend Courtney has been out of town since Friday. I am feeling a bit restless and anxious and overly dependent on my boyfriend. I need friends my age. I have my grandmother here and I enjoy visiting her, but hanging out with the over 75 crowd doesn’t satisfy my social needs the way hanging out with the under 35 crowd would.

(2) Final exams and final papers all need to be turned in next week; feeling a bit stressed about that.

(3) I am trying to live on my tutoring salary and save the rest of my income. I have $15 left to get me through the month. Luckily I have a thrifty boyfriend. I think I’m going to need to apply for a loan.

(4) I keep forgetting to water my plants. This does not bode well for my future as a mother.

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