Because of final exams and papers, I took a break from blogging. The good news is that I’m officially done with my first semester of grad school! Just six semesters and two years of supervision to go and I’ll be a licensed professional counselor.

In addition to finishing my first semester, a few other events have taken place.

Two weekends ago, my unromantic boyfriend asked if I wanted to go to a really nice-looking bar he’d seen a few days ago. So we hopped in a taxi and made our way to the bar, which was actually really nice: Really clean, great New Orleans/French jazz playing in the background and black and white photographs of different cities around the world. I like that sort of thing. So we order our drinks and notice that quite a few guys are coming in and there seems to be a complete absence of women. Before we know it, we’re in the middle of a birthday party hosted by dozens of tiara-wearing yuppies. It was then that it dawned upon my boyfriend that his bar of choice was a gay bar. However, because the ambiance was so nice, the music was good, and we live in Bogota’s principal gay neighborhood (known as Chapi-gay), we decided to stay and enjoy ourselves. And all was great until my boyfriend fell asleep and we got in a fight because he wasn’t paying enough attention on my special night (Saturday’s are my special days). However, thanks to the affordable cocktails and good music, we’ll hopefully go back in the future.

I’ll be going back home in about three weeks after four months in Bogota and I’m feeling pretty excited. I’ll be in Virginia for a couple of days before heading to Colorado for my grad class, then heading to Texas for a few weeks. While in Texas, I’ll be visited Austin because I’m thinking of moving there when I get back to Colombia. It has bike trails, affordable housing, lakes, and it’s southern and i think I like it. While in Austin, I plan to do a biking tour of the city, go on the Cosmic Cowboy Tour, and visit San Antonio about an hour away. Then a few more months in Colombia and back in the U.S for good!

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  1. Sounds like you are sticking to your plans! Very nice indeed and I am so proud of you! See you when you pass through VA… 🙂

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