My Blog is Back — and I’m Back in Colombia for a Few Months

Cuarto de Pollo. My boyfriend’s favorite meal. Courtesy of

I’ve been pretty lazy on the blog front for the last few months. Ever since moving to a fifth floor apartment in a building with no elevator, I just don’t have much motivation to go out as much (going out = climbing 70 stairs), so there hasn’t been very much exploring going on. But I’m going to try to change that and dehermitize my lifestyle.

Dehermitization started yesterday. My evening consisted of: Meeting my boyfriend at Arturo Calle (a local men’s clothing store) to pick out some business suits, him buying me some socks from a man selling socks out of his backpack, sharing a quarter chicken at the neighborhood chicken place (money’s a little tight right now; we found $7,000 -in coins — US$3.50 between us), making my boyfriend a tuna sandwich because he wasn’t satisfied with an eighth of chicken (defeating money-saving strategy), teaching my boyfriend English for half an hour, and studying and reading for class for a few hours. A few years ago, the former me would have said that the present me bottomed out at mediocrity, but all of this actually seems very exciting right now.

As for my boyfriend’s English classes, so far, his greatest accomplishment has been mastering the following phrase: Giiiiiiiiiirrrrllllll, that’s a mighty fine budunkadunk. I’ve also taught him other important but too vulgar to post hip-hop phrases which he pronounces with a delightful Colombian-British accent. I need to be a better teacher.

Also, I have been struck with wedding fever. I told my boyfriend I’d like to have a reception, and he responded that he’d rather buy a car for that money. It wasn’t the romantic response I was hoping for, but he did give me the green light to take creative control of the planning and implementation process and agreed to be present at the reception. As a way to control time spent on and not become completely wedding obsessed (I don’t actually know when this wedding will take place — it all depends when his fiance visa goes through) I’ve come up with a plan: For every minute of exercise I do, I’ll indulge myself in a minute of wedding planning.

I’ve also decided that even on days when I don’t work, I’m going to put makeup on, do my hair, and wear daytime clothes (instead of my country grandma flowered nightgown). I’m hoping this will help with overall productivity.

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  1. I must say I am not surprised by your boyfriend’s first English phrases and words. This judgment is solely based on my Spanish that I picked up from you and your family. So happy you are blogging again! I missed my morning ritual! Keep it up Sport lol!

  2. Reading your blogs, good writing + interesting vignettes. Funny that you ended up in that bar! Your boyfriend/fiance sounds like a nice guy. – Monya

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