• I went to dinner with a few friends this past week, two of whom were leaving soon. My friend Francesca asked if I would miss all the compliments and “piropos” that are inherent to living in Colombia. The answer is no. 99% of so-called compliments I receive here start with “gordita, gorda, gordota.” I will not miss being called varying degrees of fat my men I don’t know. However, while I was in the U.S, I did notice that no one commented on my eyes. No one in the U.S seems to care that my eyes aren’t brown. On the other hand, this is a condition I can accept if it means no one’s calling me fat and calling it a compliment.
  • Wedding venue-hunting has been stressing me out a bit this week. I am planning a June wedding in the Northern VA/DC area, which means that I only have a few weeks before I’m left with a Monday wedding in a Motel 8 conference room in Manassas (sorry Manassanites). I know I can plan pretty much everything else when I go back to DC later this year, but the venue-booking needs to be done soon to avoid above mentioned situation. I am looking for a historic property with lightly rolling hills, a garden area, a banquet room large enough to hold about 120 people and a dance floor (preferably brick and Georgian/neoclassical in style)  and a  terrace or patio, with tables and chairs included in the price. This dream of a venue must also be relatively rural and secluded with a genteel southern flair, while simultaneously being near civilization. It must also allow me to bring my own caterer and alcohol and charge a rental fee of less than $3,500. So if anyone has any ideas, let me know. By boyfriend’s only request is that the venue not be flat and sprawling and that a house or building be involved. I’m also calling it a “party” instead of a reception in a shrewd move to  make the idea more exciting for him.  A thank you to all those involved (my mom, aunt, and dad) in carrying out my internationally-mandated venue-visitation decrees.
  • English classes with my boyfriend have been going better than expected. We’ve had four so far this week and it seems that progress is being made. We even got up today at 6:45 to do 45 minutes of class before my boyfriend went to work. After work, he usually only makes it about 30 minutes before he starts falling asleep, which causes me to get mad when proper grammatical structures/syntax aren’t not adhered to, but at 30 minutes a day five or six days a week, I think we can get to a solid intermediate level by the time he gets to the U.S.

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  1. Men compliment eyes here… They just don’t yell that on the street – usually. Of course there are exceptions to that and those men are not looking at your eyes lol.

    Venue is tough and they book up quick… are you doing a Friday or Saturday?

    Can’t wait to meet the famous Gio!

  2. So exciting! 🙂

  3. Awesome! Good choice!

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