I Had Forgotten How Much I Love Movies.

Midnight in Paris.

As the title of this post implies, I had forgotten how much I enjoy going to the movies. Last Wednesday I went to see Midnight in Paris with my friend Courtney at an independent theater. I really enjoyed it. The film wasn’t particularly profound or subtle, but the Parisian cityscapes, the sojourns into Paris of the 20s, and the whole nostalgia thing really intrigued me. Paris is amazing, the twenties were artistic, and nostalgia beautiful and sad. I spent one afternoon in Paris about five years ago, but this film really made me want to take a two week vacation to Paris and the French countryside. I’m even OK with going to Paris of 2011. On Saturday, I saw Horrible Bosses with a cousin, and it was enjoyable in a Hangover kind of way. Then we ate Taco Bell and it was wonderful.

Beyond movie news, rather than focus on the fact that I’m somewhat lonely and underemployed, I have been trying to focus on the small details. Forget loneliness and poverty! This morning, one of my students bought me a cup of cappuccino and I decided that enjoying a cappuccino while my student checked some emails and didn’t show up to class was the perfect moment to enjoy the small things. I smelled my cappuccino, took a delicious sip and then bam…coffee spilled all over the table, the chair, and my teaching materials. Oh well. I stopped and smelled the roses for about 28 seconds and it was nice.

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  1. i’m sorry you’re lonely, and i can understand the sense of lonliness one can get in Bogota. Feel free to drop me a line if you like. I’m back in Florida, but it gets lonely here as well.

  2. Hahahaha!! I can just imagine you with that coffee! Can’t wait for you to be back home! We will have to re-start our book club and get activities going!! 🙂 miss you!

  3. Hi! please contact me if you’re interested in teaching Eng. at a university. I would need to see your cv. My email is: mltubio@correo.ean.edu.co

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