New Happenings

Enjoying this book.

My dad left today. Yesterday, my dad, boyfriend, and I went out for pizza and beer in my apartment. Luckily, it seems all parties get along.

In other lucky news, I’ve been getting a lot of classes and have an excellent schedule: 7am to 2pm. About twice a week I have to work until 5:30, but those days are few and far between. I should really appreciate this work schedule because it’s unlikely I’ll ever have one this nice again! I leave home before traffic and come home before traffic.

I’m currently reading the Europeans by Henry James and really enjoying it. It’s full of tiny details and is a fun read. I’ve decided that I’m going to have to read the classics because these are the cheapest books for my nook (only about 90 cents each!) So if anyone has any classic suggestions, I look forward to hearing them. Lucky for me, most of my students arrive to class late, providing plenty of time for reading. A few years ago, I attempted to launch a book club with some friends and family, but for whatever reason, we never really got it together and only met a few times. When I move back to the U.S, I really want to start up another book club. My ideal book club would meet at a different cafe or house every month and would include white wine, brie, and Trader Joe bread and, and maybe cappuccino, as well as lots of lady friends and family. For some reason, my ideal book club doesn’t include men, maybe because I only want to read girly books.

In summary, life right now is pretty good. I have a nice work schedule, I’m reading a lot, I’m looking forward to classes, I’m getting along with my boyfriend, and I have weekly dates to dinner and a movie with Courtney.

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