Colombian Grandma

One of my Colombian grandmas.

One of my Colombian grandmas.

I came to visit my grandma between classes and told her about five times:

Me: No need to make lunch. I had a sandwich and am not hungry, so please, don’t make lunch for me.

Grams: A sandwich is  not food (with intense look of concern).

Me: Yes it is, but please, no need to make me lunch because I am not even slightly hungry.


Grams: Lunch is ready. I made lentils, chicken paddies, rice, juice, etc, etc.

Me: But I’m not going to eat because I’m not hungry remember?

Grams: WHATTTTTT??????? You aren’t hungry? (Makes face of utter tragedy and dismay).

Me: Remember, I told you about the sandwich I ate?

Grams: (Eyes get even bigger). SANDWICH ISN’T FOOD!!! I will set the table at one o’clock. But don’t eat too much because you will get even fatter.

Ohh, do I long for the days when I’m back in the U.S and nobody calls me fat, even if I weight 500 pounds and need a motorized cart to get around Wal-Mart.

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