Manassas Battlefield and Bull Run Winery

Bull Run Winery.

Though not technically in Centreville, I consider the Battlefield to be a staple of my childhood memories and my town. When out of town people visited, they always got a tour of the battlefield, where we’d take pictures of the Stone House before climbing the grassy, treeless hill behind  29 and taking a few pictures with the canons. We never explored beyond there and I was never much of a fan of the Battlefield. It was an “out of town” visitors obligation.

However, I recently discovered that the Battlefield is actually a really large park with plenty of nice hiking trails. Unlike many area hiking trails, there are both flat, treeless grassy “meadow” type areas as well as wooded dirt trails, so you have the choice of walking by the creek and feeling like you’re deep in the woods or enjoying a lovely rural landscape of yellowed rolling hills and great sunset vistas.

This afternoon I took a nice evening walk at Bull Run Battlefield and Bull Run Winery with Laura and Tanya. All day, I’ve been on the warpath. I felt anxious, angry and irritated for no reason. I hardly ever get this way, so I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I tried knitting but that just made me more anxious, I tried blogging, which didn’t work, and then I tried putting my monthly activities into my iphone calendar, but that was so tedious that it made me more stressed rather than less stressed. It was cold and windy outside so I didn’t really feel like walking, but I’m glad I did. The evening was really nice — blue sky, cotton-candy like clouds and a sunset that made everything look a little bit golden and beautiful.  We walked about 2.5 to 3 miles today and it’s nice to know there’s such a nice, peaceful “away from it all” place so close to my house. Just a seven a five mile drive and my day went from a 3 to an 8!

Old Stones at Bull Run Winery

Creek at Manassas Batlefield

Manassas Battlefield

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