Snow Day

We were supposed to get eight inches of snow today. As was expected, this didn’t happen. It wasn’t exactly the “major snow event” the weather people predicted because it’s not cold enough, but it’s more snow than we’ve seen in the last couple years. And it would have been a blizzard if it was just a couple degrees colder.

In other news, my gym closed early today and I haven’t worked out in a couple days. Once you get used to working out, not working out feels awful. Feeling anxious, I decided to look for an online yoga workout and found the following: 

. It was only half an hour and it was pretty easy, but I felt a little calmer afterwards. Supposedly it’s a morning or “sunrise” workout, but I have to say I felt pretty sleepy afterwards, even though I’m sure a 90 year old could do this. Anyway, if I’m feeling motivated I may try doing it in the morning before work. I need to build muscle. My goal by the end of the year is to do a pull-up.

My street under one inch of snow.

My street under one inch of snow.

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