The Joys of Half Days

Somebody will be getting this for Christmas.

Somebody will be getting this for Christmas.

I have this great job where I get off at 1 or 2pm three times a week. Well, nice in terms of my free time — not so nice in terms of money, but time is priceless, right?

Anyway, on days like today when I get off at 2pm, I get to do all kinds of fun things. I truly believe that society as a whole would be much happier and healthier if only everyone got at least one half day a week. That way, you could run your errands during the week and your weekends could be completely open to do things you actually enjoy. So this is what a half day looks like in my life:
1.) Listened to a book on CD on the drive home.
2.) Picked up a few things at Walmart.
3.) Baked cookies (and I didn’t burn them!)
4.) Read a little bit.
5.) Did some knitting. I have decided (once again) that everyone will be getting scarves for Christmas. I’ve also decided that it’s wise to make this kind of decision early in the year rather than late in the year like I did last year.
6.) Went on a six mile walk with my mom, aunt and a family friend. We meant to go on a three mile walk, but  got horribly lost and ended up doing a two hour hike. Oops. Now I am starving despite the fact that my diet today consisted mostly of popcorn, cookies and rotisserie chicken. Oh well. Something about being with people outside on bright, sunny days makes me feel so happy. Also, I saw what I think is a beaver’s house (see image below), but if this really is a beaver’s house, how does the beaver drag the tree trunks to the middle of the creek? That’s one strong beaver.
7.) Watched an episode of Law and Order.
8.) Upgraded from regular Pandora to $3.99 a month Pandora. I was cut off (new 40 hour a month limit) and had to do it.
9.) Wrote a couple blogs
10.) Enjoyed the small things in life. An afternoon free of responsibilities and obligations
So all in all it was a great day.

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  1. That sounds like the best day ever 🙂


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